Fire Escape!

I moved into my new apartment in DC and I was surprised and amazed to find out that I have my very own fire escape! Not only has my dream of having a fire escape to my city apartment come true, but this fire escape is purple. I couldn't have asked for anything better. Of course I… Continue reading Fire Escape!



This weekend, Iron and I went to Asheville to celebrate our three years of being together. We met and started dating in early April of 2014!  We were in Asheville for two days, most of it spent just walking around and eating at different restaurants. I loved the vibe of the city- it felt like a… Continue reading Asheville

Canal Street, New Smyrna

One afternoon last week my mom and I took a walk around the historic Canal Street of New Smyrna. It was insanely hot, but it was nice to admire the old buildings and palm trees and classic Florida scenery! New Smyrna has such a lovely local culture and definitely the best small scale architecture I've… Continue reading Canal Street, New Smyrna


(Pink stucco building discovered during an afternoon of bike riding) Copenhagen was a city of magnificent rainbow light. I visited for 3 days with Iron and it was the most wonderful and colorful city I've ever been. Everything was perfect: the biking culture, the food and coffee, the architecture (ugh!), the attractions, the history, the… Continue reading Copenhagen