Portraits at the Washington Monument

Tonight some of my friends and I went to the Washington Monument and Lincoln Monument at sunset for Memorial Day. It was beautiful weather- sunny but overcast, warm and breezy. I took some portraits of these lovely ladies (Jess, Rachel, Rachel, and Molly) in the evening glow on the mall. I am loving DC so… Continue reading Portraits at the Washington Monument


Making New Friends

Yesterday morning I saw a horse hanging out next to a fence near the country road my grandma lives on. It was so pretty and had a lovely bronze fur coat. When I walked up with my camera, it trotted closer to see whether I had any snacks to feed him. I had a moment to… Continue reading Making New Friends

Weekend at Cinnamon Beach

This weekend I was invited by Sahar's family to accompany them on a weekend trip to Cinnamon Beach, Florida. It's a beautiful, private beach with dusty brown sand, golden sunlight and little tidal pools that collect colorful bits of shells. We were lucky to have lovely, sunny, breezy weather and lots of quality time at… Continue reading Weekend at Cinnamon Beach