This weekend, Iron and I went to Asheville to celebrate our three years of being together. We met and started dating in early April of 2014!  We were in Asheville for two days, most of it spent just walking around and eating at different restaurants. I loved the vibe of the city- it felt like a… Continue reading Asheville


Christy and Austin

I did a lovely couples photoshoot recently with my friend Christy and her boyfriend, Austin. We walked around downtown for a while, taking pictures wherever we could find a nice background and some good lighting. We even got to scamper up onto a downtown parking deck to get some shots of the sunset. I had a… Continue reading Christy and Austin

Weekend in Atlanta

I visited my friend Rachel this weekend in Atlanta. She lives in a lovely apartment in Midtown, right in the middle of the city. We got to spend lots of time exploring the city, eating delicious treats, enjoying the AMAZING fall weather, and just generally goofing around. Urban wall art outside of an artists hub… Continue reading Weekend in Atlanta

Old Ellijay

This old tobacco and candy shop calls Elijay, GA home. An old, historic town, Ellijay features lots of old brick architecture and faded facades in its downtown area. It reminds me a bit of Athens, as it has that small town, vintage atmosphere. It's definitely a great place for a quiet weekend away (especially since… Continue reading Old Ellijay