Dinner Date

Melody and I had a lovely dinner at The Grit this weekend, my absolute favorite restaurant in town. Aside from the amazing vegetarian food which keeps me coming back over and over, The Grit has a really cozy atmosphere. It's definitely a staple of Athens culture.


Lettuce Grocery Shop!

The water droplets initially caught my eye on this healthy lettuce. Upon closer look, the detail is so intriguing and so worthy of a picture- the veins running through the leaves, the perfectly curled shape and the neon green tint. Trips to the grocery store can be pretty sometimes.

Hole in the Wall

This picture¬†was taken at World Famous in Athens. Its a small bar decorated with wooden tables, candle light and quirky local art. The tables all point towards a small stage where local comedians entertain.Their food is fantastic- they have seasoned french fries and my favorite, the spicy tofu wrap (yum!!). It's a great hole in… Continue reading Hole in the Wall

Menu Browsing

My dearest friend Sahar visited me in Athens for the weekend. We spent three days eating our way through town, because food is the best way to show someone a city. And who doesn't love restaurants?? Saturday afternoon we¬†lunched at Clocked, where we sat in their outdoor patio garden. Neither of us eat beef, so… Continue reading Menu Browsing