This morning Gaby and I did a quick photoshoot before class for a project that The Chapel Bell is doing. Here are a few of my favorite pics. The lighting really wasn't the best, as it was cloudy and very dull outside. Despite the weather, I think we got some good shots!  


New Lens!

I got a new camera lens this weekend. It's a Canon 55mm/1.8f STM lens. I am in love with it! The quality of the photos is just gorgeous and it helps me attain a level of bokeh that I never had with my other two lenses! I also love the richness of the colors that… Continue reading New Lens!

Spring Greens

The past few weeks have been stressful. I have so much to work out before school ends, with school, jobs and my personal life. I've been feeling quite overwhelmed and counting down every day until the end of the semester. Something that has been making me feel better, even temporarily, is the refreshing burst of… Continue reading Spring Greens

Golden Hour is Back!

Ahhh, today's weather was to die for. I went to the Botanical Gardens after my internship to lay in the sun and do my french homework. I also brought my camera because everything is in bloom and the sun is finally returning to warm the earth. I spent a ridiculously relaxing hour and a half… Continue reading Golden Hour is Back!

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Last weekend I visited the Atlanta Botanical Gardens with my mom and brother. We had so much fun visiting the different green houses and outdoor gardens. We were fortunate to be the only ones there for most of our visit because we went really early on Sunday morning (this meant I had lots of room to… Continue reading Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Delicate Shelves

The Botanical Gardens has a very impressive and well-kept indoor greenhouse with tropical plants, butterflies and fruit trees. The real star of the show has to be the orchids though, which are all gorgeous and blooming and falling all over each other from the weight of their flowers. The way they are lined up on… Continue reading Delicate Shelves