Over Spring Break my mom and I spent a couple of very rainy days in Nashville. Although the weather wasn’t great, we got to see a good bit of the city! We spent a lot of time wandering around and checking out the cityscape. We also popped into the Tennessee State Museum, the Parthenon replica, and a few art galleries. The food was definitely the best part of the trip- every restaurant we ate at was amazing (but I didn’t take any pictures unfortunately). I’m glad we got to tour the country music capitol, as now I can add it to my list of visited American cities and landmarks.

IMG_4161-2.jpg     IMG_4169.jpg IMG_4170.jpg IMG_4100.jpgIMG_4119IMG_4138.jpgIMG_4135-2.jpgIMG_4144.jpg        IMG_4171-2.jpg  IMG_4174.jpgIMG_4189-2.jpgIMG_4192.jpgIMG_4235.jpgIMG_4227.jpgIMG_4091.jpg

The end of another adventure!


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