Weekend in Atlanta


I visited my friend Rachel this weekend in Atlanta. She lives in a lovely apartment in Midtown, right in the middle of the city. We got to spend lots of time exploring the city, eating delicious treats, enjoying the AMAZING fall weather, and just generally goofing around.


Urban wall art outside of an artists hub (above) and and Atlanta skyline as seen from inside Georgia Tech (below).


IMG_1562 (1)

Saturday morning we had a delicious brunch at the Flying Biscuit, an Atlanta favorite. We both had egg and biscuit dishes with lots of sautéed potatoes and hollandaise sauce. It was definitely one of the highlights of the weekend (as food usually is).


We stopped in a local artist market in Midtown that featured lots of booths of different pieces. My favorite was this photography room with pictures taken around Atlanta. Not only were the pieces lovely, but the exhibit itself was just so pretty.



We walked the BeltLine, a new walking trail that repurposed what used to be old, rundown properties around the historic railroads. Along the trail there were lots of little outdoor art pieces that made use of their surroundings, like this little metal worker (above). The BeltLine also connects parks across the city. We stopped in Piedmont Park (shown below) to lay in the grass, absorb some vitamin D and people watch.



The skyline was absolutely gorgeous against a completely cloudless sky. I’ve never seen Atlanta look so welcoming. This photo is the snapshot that captures the cheer of the weekend.

Loving urban exploring and college days.


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