Autumn Day

This neighborhood tree is turning heads with it's brilliant burst of yellow. Autumn is in full swing!


Lettuce Grocery Shop!

The water droplets initially caught my eye on this healthy lettuce. Upon closer look, the detail is so intriguing and so worthy of a picture- the veins running through the leaves, the perfectly curled shape and the neon green tint. Trips to the grocery store can be pretty sometimes.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Last weekend I visited the Atlanta Botanical Gardens with my mom and brother. We had so much fun visiting the different green houses and outdoor gardens. We were fortunate to be the only ones there for most of our visit because we went really early on Sunday morning (this meant I had lots of room to… Continue reading Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Weekend in Atlanta

I visited my friend Rachel this weekend in Atlanta. She lives in a lovely apartment in Midtown, right in the middle of the city. We got to spend lots of time exploring the city, eating delicious treats, enjoying the AMAZING fall weather, and just generally goofing around. Urban wall art outside of an artists hub… Continue reading Weekend in Atlanta