Day Dreamin’

This photo looks like something I would daydream about when doing homework. Sunny and beautiful and a bit on the blurry side, making it seem just that bit unrealistic. I want to escape to this garden bridge.


Menu Browsing

My dearest friend Sahar visited me in Athens for the weekend. We spent three days eating our way through town, because food is the best way to show someone a city. And who doesn't love restaurants?? Saturday afternoon we lunched at Clocked, where we sat in their outdoor patio garden. Neither of us eat beef, so… Continue reading Menu Browsing

Delicate Shelves

The Botanical Gardens has a very impressive and well-kept indoor greenhouse with tropical plants, butterflies and fruit trees. The real star of the show has to be the orchids though, which are all gorgeous and blooming and falling all over each other from the weight of their flowers. The way they are lined up on… Continue reading Delicate Shelves